About Us

Mowing and Growing was founded on the Central Coast NSW by Martyn and Fleur Saifiti in 2005, since then we have built our business to specialise in lawn mowing and garden maintenance, servicing large acreage properties, residential complexes, retirement villages as well as residential homes on the Central Coast.

Mowing and Growing is a family operated business providing lawn mowing services and garden maintenance on the Central Coast.

We strive to bring value to our clients, providing a professional service and producing a superior product by only using the best machinery on your property as well as trained staff.

All of our employees are respectful and work on your property in company uniforms.





To continue to build a profitable business that will bring value and enjoyment to all our customers, therefore being able to expand and employ local people from our community.


To provide a superior service, product and customer experience.


  • Consistent
  • Reliable
  • Trust Worthy
  • To Bring Value
  • To Give Back

Client Testimonials

“Mowing and Growing was the first Horticulturalist / garden ‘upkeeper’ we appointed 10 years ago when we came to the Central Coast. They came to us by recommendation and I have been recommending them ever since. They are reliable, thorough and goes that extra mile. They give good advice, are always pleasant and our gardens are neat, tidy and draw very favourable comments from visitors. They have a faultless work ethic"

Ellis Hopper
Central Coast


“We have been using Mowing and Growing services for more than four years. That in its self is testimonial to how happy and satisfied we are with the service. They are thorough and careful, but at the same time very quick and professional. That, as well as having a great personality, makes us sure to highly recommend his service to everyone”

Peter & Hil


“Mowing and Growing has mowed my lawn for 9 years, they are reliable, professional and my lawn always looks great after they have finished. They have also supplied me with a fertilising service that keeps my lawn green and healthy all year round. I highly recommend them”

Doris Gale
East Gosford